Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker have witnessed their son’s remarkable journey from committing to the University of Kentucky to being selected in the NBA draft and showcasing his talent in his first All-Star game. Their pride and joy knew no bounds as they saw him achieve his dreams and rise to the top of his game. It was a testament to his hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion for basketball. The Gutierrez-Booker family’s unwavering support and belief in their son never wavered, and it all paid off as they watched him shine on the biggest stages in basketball. The proud parents could not have been happier or more thrilled to see their son’s success unfold before their very eyes.

Devin Booker’s parents, Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez, have been unwavering pillars of support throughout his journey to success. From his early days on the court to his shining moments in the NBA, their love and guidance have been constant. Melvin, a former professional basketball player himself, and Veronica Gutierrez, a loving mother, have instilled in Devin the values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Their presence at his games, cheering him on from the sidelines, is a testament to their unwavering support. Devin Booker’s success is not just his own, but a reflection of the love and support he has received from his parents every step of the way.

Devin was born in Michigan on October 30, 1996, to Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker. The NBA player was co-parented by the ex-couple, who never got married, during his early and teenage years. While his father played professional basketball as an NBA player in the late 1990s and then in Europe until 2008, Devin was raised by his mother in Grandville, Michigan.

Devin relocated to Moss Point, Mississippi, to live with his father and hone his basketball career following his first year of high school. The Phoenix Suns player thought back on his mother’s choice to let him move out in an interview with The Undefeated from November 2016.

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker First Meet

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin met through Melvin’s basketball career. According to The Undefeated, the couple got together during the 1995–1996 Continental Basketball Association season while he was a player for the Grand Rapids Mackers, a minor league basketball team. The pair clicked, and soon after they became engaged, they welcomed their son, Devin.

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker was Blessed with Devlin in 1996

Veronica Gutierrez with Devlin
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On October 30, 1996, Devin was born in Michigan. The NBA player spent most of his early years in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, suburb of Grandville. He also spent summers in his father’s hometown of Moss Point, Mississippi.

Veronica Gutierrez is Mother of Two Other Children

Davon Wade and Mya Powell are the other two children that Veronica Gutierrez, a cosmetologist, has from past relationships.

Davon is a Western Michigan University alumnus who works as an Arizona real estate broker, based on his Instagram. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors of the Phoenix Suns Charities, an organisation that assists in providing millions of dollars to Arizonan nonprofits that support basketball programmes, professional development, education, healthcare, and leisure.

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker were Not Actually Married

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker are not married to one another. Though Veronica Gutierrez had her kid more often than not during his upbringing because of his father’s professional basketball career, the couple co-parented Devin.

When Devin was a teenager, he relocated to Mississippi to be near his father.

Devin moved from Michigan to Mississippi during his freshman year of high school in order to live with his father there. It took a lot of persuasion, Melvin said to The Undefeated, to convince his son to leave his hometown.

Melvin Gave His Son Basketball Training

Melvin Gave His Son Basketball Training
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The NBA player attended Moss Point High School, where his father was the assistant coach, to play basketball and meet his grandfather. In June 2022, ESPN revealed that Melvin was his son’s trainer, coach, and mentor. His NBA-caliber training includes weightlifting routines, one-on-one drills, and the best eating practices. He also coached his kid in AAU leagues and his school’s.

Devin’s decision to move away from his hometown in the middle of high school was ultimately successful, despite his initial reluctance. Along with his Phoenix Suns colleagues, he returned to his hometown in December 2022 to retire his high school jersey number.

Devin was with Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker When He was Selected by the NBA.

During a number of significant times in his basketball career, his parents were by his side. Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker watched their son get taken into the NBA by the Phoenix Suns in 2013, just two years after they had attended his signing ceremony at the University of Kentucky.

Devin was Aided by Phoenix in Embracing his Mother’s Ancestry.

From Nogales, Mexico, Veronica Gutierrez father emigrated to Michigan. Devin was motivated to embrace the Valley community and reconnect with his family’s history following the death of his grandfather. Devin pondered on a few special childhood memories and admitted that Mexican culture has always been a part of his life.


Veronica Gutierrez is a talented cosmetologist who has gained recognition not only for her skills in the beauty industry but also for being the mother of American basketball sensation Devin Booker. Her son’s remarkable success as a professional basketball player, especially winning gold at the 2021 Olympics, has brought her into the spotlight. Despite her own successful career, Veronica Gutierrez is known for her unwavering support and dedication to her son’s journey to the top of the basketball world. Veronica Gutierrez continues to balance her work as a cosmetologist with being a proud and supportive mother, inspiring many with her strength, resilience, and love for her family.


What did Devin Booker’s mom do?

Veronica Gutiérrez, mother of Devin Booker, is a cosmetologist by profession. She raised Devin along with Melvin Booker, his father who was a prominent college basketball player. Growing up with parents who excelled in their respective fields, Devin received a solid foundation and guidance that helped shape his successful basketball career. Veronica Gutierrez played a crucial role in nurturing Devin’s talents and instilling values that have contributed to his success both on and off the court along with his father Melvin. Devin Booker’s mom, Veronica Gutiérrez, has been a supportive presence in his life and continues to be a source of inspiration for him.

Who is Melvin Booker wife

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker met in the 1995–1996 CBA season while he was a player for the Grand Rapids Mackers. After growing close, the couple gave birth to a son named Devin on October 30, 1996. Devin was raised by Veronica Gutiérrez while his father played professional basketball in Europe and Asia; the two never got married.

Was Devin Booker with Kendall Jenner?

After being connected since 2018, Jenner and Booker put their romance on hold in 2022 and finally called it quits in November of the same year. The two appeared to have parted ways due to their hectic schedules, with Jenner managing her and her family’s demanding TV professions and Booker being one of the NBA’s top players.


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