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Passionate Content Writers

Are you passionate about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle? We’re excited to welcome writers like you who have a keen interest in exploring a wide range of topics, from the latest fashion trends and beauty tips to lifestyle hacks and celebrity gossip. Our platform offers you the opportunity to delve into areas such as fashion events, apparel design, makeup techniques, and photography styles, allowing you to share your insights and expertise with our audience.

Topics You Can Write with Us:

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, style, Photography,Makeup, celeb gossips, Fashion Trends, Fashion Events, Fashion Design, Apparel, Fashion Production, Fashion Marketing, Footwear, Influencers,Luxury/High fashion, Mass/ High-street fashion.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. Article Length: Content should be 800 – 1200 words.

2.Credibility: Cite sources for any statistics, images, or quotes. For images, ensure you have the rights to use them or opt for royalty-free images.

Our Style & Format:

  • Content should be SEO Optimised.
  • Compose short, crisp paragraphs.
  • Image size should be under 100kb.
  1. Authenticity: Your article should be original and unpublished elsewhere. We uphold the integrity of content and use tools like Google and Copyscape to ensure it.
  2. Relevance Content: Article should be relevant to our niche about Fashion, entertainment, lifestyle
  3. Backlinks/Internal Linking:
  4. Relevant Links: Incorporate pertinent links in your article. Ensure that outbound links complement the theme of our site.
  5. Previous Works: Share links to your previously published articles, so we can appreciate your style and approach.
  1. Videos/presentations/infographics/gifs are more than welcome. However, visuals should contain some information – data, examples, etc.
  2. Use different content – discussions, quotes, tweets, (pricing) tables, and graphs.
  3. Only HQ, trustworthy sources.
  4. Use different formatting options such as bold text, bullet points, and numbered text.
  5. Use tips, statistics, or other interesting facts in the text.
  6. Lists are working well (e.g., 10 tips for exercise).
  7. Avoid using linking words at the beginning of the sentence.
  8. Google Drive link: Include a Google Drive link that houses all the images/GIFs used, a high-resolution company logo (would be better in .png format).

What we won’t accept

  • Content that has been published previously. If you want to check that, you need to insert to Google Search “site:sender.net topic name”
  • Duplicated content.
  • Offensive and aggressive content.

Linking Guidelines

  • Avoid adding links in the introduction paragraph.
  • Outgoing link should be inserted below 30% of the content