American businesswoman Kim Carton gained notoriety after she wed well-known radio and television personality Craig Carton. However, after Craig’s wire fraud scandal, this marriage ended in divorce. He participated in a Ponzi-style ticket sales operation that defrauded investors of about $5 million. Thus, you’re undoubtedly curious as to how Craig and Kim got together. Was Kim a part of this controversy, too? This post will tell you just that! Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this enigmatic relationship—I’ll spill the tea.

The Early Life and Education of Kim Carton

Kim’s actual birthdate is unknown, although she was born in 1985. She will therefore be about 39 years old in 2024. We do know that she was born in Pennsylvania’s Huntington Valley. Carton avoided talking much about her family because she would rather keep them out of the spotlight. Still, they were consistently encouraging and laid the groundwork for her to become the prosperous businesswoman she is today.

Kim attended her hometown’s Abington Senior High School, where she immediately displayed promise. She pursued a business administration degree at the University of Maryland after high school. She did, however, always have a desire to practise law. She therefore made the decision to learn more and enrol at Philadelphia’s Drexel University to study law.

The Career of Kim Carton

Kim is a well-known businesswoman, but she keeps her ventures quiet. All that is known about her is that in September 2013, she opened a clothes store called Valley. It all began when she and her companion Jackie became worn out from taking lengthy drives only to go shopping for outfits. They made the decision to launch their own company in order to offer the clothes they desired to wear but were unable to locate in the neighbourhood stores.


Carton has always had a passion for helping the community, especially underprivileged kids. So, she started the “Tic Toc Stop” charity organization in collaboration with Craig. The organisation was dedicated to supporting families and kids with Tourette syndrome. Furthermore, they made a sizable financial donation for scientific study.

Kim and Craig Carton’s Story

Kim and Craig Carton Story
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Through a common friend, Kim and Craig were introduced during their undergraduate years, and they clicked right away. Soon after, they began dating, and it was immediately apparent that they were meant to be. The pair married in a secret ceremony in 2003 in front of their loved ones. Carton then relocated to Denver, where he secured a morning job on KBPI, which proved to be another blockbuster. At the time, his show was the most watched local morning programme.

Nevertheless, Kim was expecting their first child, so he had to return to Denver! Following his relocation, Craig was hired by former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason to co-host the popular programme “Boomer and Carton.” The couple’s second kid was born soon after.

They then had a young daughter named Mickey Carton and another boy. Regretfully, things quickly went south since Kim sensed something wasn’t right. There are rumours that Kim engaged a private investigator, who revealed to her that Craig was having an affair.

In addition, Craig was detained on suspicion of wire fraud and securities. When the police arrived at their New York home, he was charged with conspiring with Michael Wright and Joseph Meli to operate a Ponzi scam. Kim was getting ready to petition for divorce at that point. They broke up as a result, and Craig received a three and a half year prison sentence.

The separation

Following Craig’s sentencing, Kim vanished from public view. She concentrated on raising the children and expanding the company. Craig, on the other hand, served a year before being released in 2020. WFAN rehired him shortly after the release, so it’s safe to assume he’s back on track.

Net worth of Kim carton

Kim Carton’s net worth as of December 2023 is estimated to be $4 million. On the other hand, her ex-husband has a $5 million net worth.


American businesswoman Kim Carton rose to fame when she tied the knot with popular radio and television personality Craig Carton. Their union was the subject of much media attention until Craig’s involvement in a wire fraud scandal came to light, leading to their eventual divorce. Craig’s role in a Ponzi-style ticket sales scheme resulted in investors losing approximately $5 million. Kim’s reputation endured significant scrutiny as a result of her association with Craig and the scandal that tarnished his public image. Despite the challenges she faced, Kim remained resilient and focused on rebuilding her life and career beyond the shadows of her ex-husband’s misdeeds.


Q1. Who is Craig cartons wife?

Craig cartons wife is Kim carton

Q2. Why is Carton leaving?

” Hosting a show on FS1 and Fox Sports would be a true dream come true for me. It’s an exciting opportunity that could potentially bring new dimensions to my career. However, my heart will always be with WFAN. To me, WFAN is not just a radio station – it’s family. For almost three decades, I’ve been immersed in hosting discussion shows, and radio has been my true calling. It’s where I feel most comfortable and where I believe I excel. While the prospect of branching out to TV is thrilling, the loyalty and love I have for WFAN run deep, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.” Carton shared

Q3. Who is carton married to?

Carton left Denver without hesitation to care for his wife Kim, who was pregnant with their first child. He knew that his place was by her side, supporting her through this exciting yet challenging time. Despite the distance from his work and the city he loved, his priority was clear – to be there for his growing family. As he embarked on this new chapter of life, he felt a mix of nerves and overwhelming love for Kim and the baby on the way. Carton was determined to be the best partner and soon-to-be father he could be, ready to embrace the joys and responsibilities that lay ahead.


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