When it comes to comedy Nate Bargatze is not a unknown name, popular for his unique way of winning hearts of his audience, he is famous among his Fan’s , But do you know apart from being a great comedian Nate Bargatze is a amazing husband. Because of which people often are curious about Nate Bargatze wife and their love story. If you are someone who is interested to know more about Nate Bargatze wife and their love story you are in the right place as in this article we are going to explore everything about Nate Bargatze wife and their beautiful love story.

Who is Nate Bargatze wife Laura Bargatze?

Nate Bargatze Wife Laura Bargatze
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Comedian Nate Bargatze has been happily married to his wife, Laura Bargatze, since 2006 — a bond that has stood the test of time long before his rise to fame with Netflix specials, award nominations, and sold-out shows. Their enduring relationship is a true testament to their love and commitment, grounding Nate as he navigates the highs and lows of his successful comedy career.

The first meet

Nate Bargatze wife Laura Bargatze’s first meet was like a true love story, their beautiful fairytale love story began in their early years of 20s at an Applebee’s restaurant in Tennessee. Despite Nate’s eventual success as a rising comedian, their relationship started with both of them working at the restaurant. From shared late-night shifts to inside jokes over closing duties, their bond grew stronger with every laughter-filled moment. As Nate’s career took off, Nate Bargatze wife Laura stood by his side, unwavering in her support and love. Their humble beginning at Applebee’s remains a cherished chapter in their love story, a reminder of where it all began, and proof that love can blossom in the unlikeliest of places.

Nate Bargatze wife Laura found Nate’s confidence and unique charm irresistible, sparking a blossoming romance between them. Even as Nate made the leap from Applebee’s to a more stable career, Laura remained steadfast by his side as he chased his comedy dreams. In the unpredictable world of entertainment, Laura’s unwavering support proved to be instrumental in Nate’s journey to success. Her unwavering faith in his abilities and her commitment to their relationship served as powerful motivators for Nate, propelling him forward in his career. Nate Bargatze wife Laura’s influence has not only shaped Nate’s professional path but has also strengthened their bond, creating a solid foundation for their future together.

A journey since 2006

Nate whisked Laura off her feet in a New York City moment that would change their lives forever. With a heart full of love, he proposed, sealing their future with a promise. In 2006, they made it official, saying “I do” on a Friday the 13th, turning superstition into a tale of love’s triumph. Nate, a stand-up comedian, cleverly weaved this quirky detail into his routine, sharing their joy with the world. Their enduring union stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment and boundless love, a journey of laughter, understanding, and endless romance through the highs and lows of life.

The couple’s hearts swelled with love as they welcomed their daughter, Harper Blair Bargatze, into the world in 2012. Nate’s stand-up routines are infused with endearing references to Harper, showcasing the joy and humor she brings to their lives. Through the ups and downs of parenthood, they have formed an unbreakable bond as a family, united by the shared experiences that have enriched their lives and brought them closer together. Harper’s presence has added a new dimension of happiness and warmth to their home, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Nate Bargatze wife is producer to her husband podcast

Nate Bargatze Podcast
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“The famous well known Nateland Podcast Laura’s professional journey showcases her evolution from a marketing coordinator to attaining the role of executive producer on Nate’s acclaimed podcast, The Nateland Podcast. Her growth exemplifies perseverance and dedication, while her collaborative synergy with Nate underscores their joint pursuit of excellence in the podcasting realm. Together, they champion a culture of mutual support and shared success, buoyed by their individual talents and unwavering commitment to each other’s career progression. Nate Bargatze wife Laura’s transition signifies not just personal growth but also a testament to the power of teamwork and unwavering determination in achieving professional milestones.”

Nate and Laura’s high-profile appearance at the prestigious 2022 Grammy Awards served as a poignant reflection of their intertwined journey in the dynamic realm of entertainment. Their unwavering backing of one another’s accomplishments and breakthrough moments not only exemplifies their deep bond but also cements their reputation as a formidable power couple within the spheres of comedy and entertainment. Their synchronicity and mutual respect continue to captivate fans and industry insiders alike, showcasing a rare blend of talent, charisma, and genuine partnership that sets them apart in an industry known for its competitiveness. As they navigate the spotlight together, Nate and Laura remain a shining example of collaborative success and unwavering support in an ever-evolving landscape of glitz and glamour.

Where does Nate Bargatze wife lives?

Despite their various travels and experiences across the United States and world, Nate and Laura have found their home in Tennessee. Their decision to settle their family home in Tennessee reflects their deep-rooted connections to the South and their desire to build a stable and nurturing environment for their family. After exploring different regions, they were drawn to Tennessee’s charm, friendly communities, and natural beauty. They have embraced the rich culture and traditions of the South, creating a sense of belonging and contentment in their new home. With strong ties to the community and a shared vision for the future, Nate Bargatze wife Laura and him are excited to continue their journey in Tennessee, where they have found not just a place to live, but a place to truly to cherish with memories and to call home.


Nate Bargatze’s journey from humble beginnings in Tennessee to becoming a celebrated comedian is truly remarkable. His ability to connect with crowds through humor has elevated him to great success. As a loving family man he is happily married to Laura , Nate Bargatze wife. , Bargatze finds motivation in his partnership with Laura and their charming daughter, Harper Blair. In every show, he charms audiences with witty insights and funny stories. Nate Bargatze is a shining symbol of skill, perseverance, and the power of love in shaping both his personal and career paths.


How much does Nate Bargatze net worth 

Ans: though there are no exact information regarding Nate Bargatze net worth but we can conclude a approximate $9 Million

Annual Income $2.6 Million

Salary $100k per episode.

What nationality is Nate Bargatze?

Nathanael Bargatze, born on March 25, 1979, is an American comedian known for his sharp wit and hilarious observations. With a unique blend of humor and storytelling, he has captivated audiences across the country. His comedy style is characterized by his deadpan delivery and clever punchlines that leave audiences roaring with laughter. Nathanael Bargatze’s comedic talent has earned him a loyal following and critical acclaim in the comedy world.

Who is Nate Bargatze wife? 

Nate Bargatze wife, Laura Bargatze, has stood by his side as a pillar of support throughout his comedy career. Together, they share the joy of parenting their daughter, Harper. Their love story had a humble beginning at Applebee’s, blossoming into a deep connection that thrived even through a long-distance relationship. Overcoming challenges together, Nate and Laura forged a bond that translated into a successful partnership not just in comedy but also in their family life. Laura’s unwavering encouragement and presence have been instrumental in Nate’s journey, making their relationship a testament to love, resilience, and shared dreams.


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