Maria Gijeli is famous for her beautiful photos and interesting posts on Instagram. She shares pictures of herself modeling, tasty meals she eats, and sometimes wears lingerie. People like Maria because she has a lively personality and unique fashion sense. She loves art, fashion, and traveling. Maria speaks English, Albanian, and Italian fluently. She really loves animals and has two dogs. Maria became famous because she loves modeling and shares her journey on social media. She’s only 26 but has already made a big impact, inspiring others to feel confident about their bodies.

Early Life and Background of Maria Gijeli

Maria Gijeli was born in Albania’s capital city, Tirana, on August 10, 1997. She grew up there with her Albanian family before moving to New York City, USA. Maria is both Albanian and American, and she speaks English, Albanian, and Italian fluently. She went to a local high school in New York City and then attended a well-known college there. It was during her time in college that Maria discovered her passion for modeling. Since then, she has become a well-known model, thanks in part to her background and the influence of her upbringing.

Journey to Modeling

Maria Gijeli found out she loved modeling while she was in college and decided to make it her job. She began sharing her pictures and videos on Instagram, showing off her unique beauty and body, and soon lots of people started following her. Because Maria worked really hard and stayed focused, she became a very successful model and is well-known in the modeling world. Her story of going from regular life to being super famous is really inspiring. She makes money from modeling jobs, working with brands, and teaming up with other social media stars.

Maria Gijeli Plus Size Model
Image Credit: Facebook/Maria Gijeli


Maria Gijeli finished high school at Woodward Academy. Then, she went to Georgia State University to study business. Alongside her studies, she followed her love for modeling. Now, she’s well-known in the modeling world. She works with big brands, appears on magazine covers, and partners with famous designers.

Physical Attributes

She’s about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 59 kilograms. Her body measurements are about 36 inches for her chest, 28 inches for her waist, and 35 inches for her hips. Maria Gijeli has long, wavy, dark brown hair and shiny dark brown eyes. Because of how she looks and the cool things she shares online, Maria has lots of people following her on Instagram. She’s also a model for lots of different types of brands like sports, lingerie, makeup, and swimwear.

Social Media Handles

Maria Gijeli is a social media influencer and model who is active on various social media platforms. She is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. Her twitter handle is @mariagjieli, where she shares her modeling shots, photos of her meals, and lingerie-based content with her fans.

Professional Achievements

She has garnered a massive following on digital platforms for her captivating and bold content, showcasing her curvaceous figure. Maria Gijeli has worked with global brands, graced the covers of prestigious magazines, and collaborated with renowned designers, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the modeling industry. Her diverse interests, talents, and philanthropic nature have inspired many, and she is known for her dedication to her career, love for her family, and commitment to her hobbies.

Maria Gijeli Net Worth

Maria Gijeli has somewhere between $600,000 and $5 million as the total value of what she owns right now. She’s been able to make this money through her work as a model, being active on social media, and earning from different sources like promoting brands, getting sponsored, and working with others on projects.

Body Positivity Campaign

Maria’s career began on Instagram, where she shared her modeling and fashion projects, leading to endorsements with global brands and appearances in entertainment and fashion magazines. Her rising popularity has also led to collaborations with lingerie and fashion brands such as Baddies Illustrated and Fashion Nova Curve.


Maria Gijeli has been in some trouble because of her art and how she started her career. Her art mixes things that are usually seen as holy or religious with things that are more everyday or not connected to religion. This made some people upset in her home country, Albania, because it goes against what they believe in. She often talks about religion, politics, sex, and what it means to be a man or a woman. One thing that many people didn’t like was that she kept making pictures of herself without clothes on. At the beginning of her career, Maria Gijeli worked with companies that make adult content.


Maria is a very kind person who helps lots of different causes. She cares about big problems in the world and is part of projects trying to solve them. Maria made a foundation called the Maria Gijeli Foundation to help her do more good things. She wants to help communities that need support, make sure everyone can go to school, and protect the environment.

Maria is very popular and lots of people look up to her because she’s talented and beautiful. She doesn’t just focus on her job; she also talks about important issues and tries to make the world better. In the future, she wants to keep modeling and keep inspiring others with her talent and positive attitude.Onlyfans Leaked

Maria Gijeli is really successful on social media and in modeling. She’s a role model for many people and keeps doing amazing things, making the world a better place.


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