Early Years of Danny Keough

Danny Keough was born in Santa Monica, California, on November 6, 1964. He spent his formative years performing music with his father before joining The L.A. Punks as their bassist.

He participated actively in the underground Los Angeles punk scene during the 1980s and 1990s, playing shows at different clubs with the band The Weirdos and other bands, including the Screamers and Bad Religion.

How did Danny Keough meet Lisa Marie Presley?

According to the 1988 People cover story, Danny’s brother was married to a Scientology teacher, and Danny’s mother, Janet, founded a private Scientology academy with her second husband, Alan Hollander. It was named the Delphian School, and Danny and his brother both graduated from it.

Both Danny and Lisa were members of the church. Lisa Marie Presley met her first spouse, Danny Keough, in 1985, after she had just dropped out of high school at the age of 17. Both Presley and Keough (four years her senior) were supposedly rehabilitating from substance abuse difficulties at a Los Angeles Church of Scientology treatment clinic.

Danny Keough’s Marriage to Lisa Presley

Three years later, on October 3, 1988, the twosome decided to marry at the same treatment center. Having a small ceremony with only nine witnesses.

Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie’s mother, announced the wedding. “I am overjoyed for Lisa Marie,” she told People. Danny is a wonderful person, and I am overjoyed for the two of them.”

During their marriage, Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley had two children. On May 29, 1989, Danielle Riley Keough was born. On October 21, 1992, their son, Benjamin Storm Keough, was born three years later.

Tragically, when their son passed away in July 2020 from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot injury, Keough and Lisa Marie had to endure what no parent wants to.

danny keough

The End of Danny Keough’s Marriage

The love story between Danny and Presley came to an end after six years of marriage when Presley filed for divorce in 1994. After their divorce in 1994, Keough moved back to Los Angeles, where he continued his musical career.

How the Friendship Lasted Between The Exes

Even though the couple parted ways, the friendship between the two still lasted. After her separation from Danny, Lisa Marie Presley married the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, just 20 days later. The marriage came to an end in August 1996.

Lisa then went on to marry the National Treasure star, Nicholas Cage, in 2002, which only lasted for 108 days. After her separation from Nicholas Cage, Presley married her last husband, Michael Lockwood, in 2006.

The bond between the two persisted even when Lisa got remarried. In 2016, Presley and Lockwood ended their marriage, and Lisa got 60% of their children, Finley and Harper Lockwood. Danny was the best man at their wedding ceremony, and not only that, Danny also later helped care for the twins.

Since their divorce, the two have always maintained a “brother and sister”-like bond. However, following the terrible suicide of their son Benjamin Keough in 2021 at the age of 27, the two grew even closer. Although they never had a romantic connection again, they became “very close” as they comforted one another after such a loss.

Danny Keough was Lisa Marie Presley’s Rock Through a Hard Time. 

After the tragic death of their son, Lisa was struggling with this great loss. Danny had relocated frequently in the past, but he returned to be by Lisa’s side as soon as they were crushed by Ben’s passing. Lisa sold her house in Calabasas, where her son fatally shot himself. She moved in with Danny to deal with her grief. Both were apparently living together in a hotel in Beverly Hills before moving into their new home in Calabasas.

The Tragic Death of Danny Keough’s First Love

Lisa Marie Presley was found unresponsive at her home in Calabasas, California, on 12 January 2023, according to TMZ. The only daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley was rushed to the hospital, where she was placed on a ventilator. 

“My beloved daughter Lisa Marie was rushed to the hospital. She is now receiving the best care. Please keep her and our family in your prayers. We feel the prayers from around the world, and ask for privacy during this time.” updated Priscilla on her Instagram.


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More information concerning Lisa Marie’s final hours has come to light since then. Her housekeeper found the 54-year-old, and she immediately called Lisa Marie’s ex-husband, Danny Keough, for assistance. Before paramedics could arrive, Keough, who had been residing with Lisa Marie, sprang into action after returning from dropping her twins off at school. However, Lisa Marie was later pronounced brain dead and placed on life support at the hospital, according to TMZ. She passed away soon after.

Riley And Priscilla’s Debate

Riley and Priscilla’s counsel were in a heated debate for several months before they came to an agreement at the end of May in 2023. The two then submitted an agreement request then in august, Riley became officially named sole trustee of the estate of her mother as well as the sub-trusts of their twin sister, Harper and Finley. Additionally, Priscilla was named the trustee of the subtrust of the son of her Navarone Garibaldi.

Where is Danny Keough Now? 

After the death of Lisa, Danny stayed out of the public eye. He was last seen at the memorial service for his ex-wife. Danny has always kept his personal life private and was seen out for the first time in May since the funeral. On a Sunday morning in Calabasas, Danny Keough was seen leaving the house with his daughter Riley and his granddaughter. The 57-year-old actor and his 33-year-old daughter walked out of an Erewhon Market together after grabbing a couple of drinks in May 2023.

RILEY KEOUGH and Danny keough now
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Danny continues to live a normal life away from the tabloids. This is not the first time we’ve heard of the simplicity of Danny’s daily life. Riley Keough revealed in 2017 that her father was essentially a rolling stone, moving locations frequently and sleeping on bare mattresses.

“I grew up very privileged with my mother, but my dad didn’t live like that,” she said. “And I think experiencing both sides has been helpful. My father had mattresses on the floor of his apartment. He lived in cabins and trailer parks. He just didn’t have much money.”

Danny Keough

Danny Keough is currently not known to be married to anyone, nor is it believed that he is dating as of now. For all we know, Lisa Marie Presley will always remain his one true love!

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