Super Sacks are also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. They can be used in many industries to store and transport various materials. Your new FIBC super sack must be durable and of high quality and serve you well.

So, choosing a good one can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help you find the ultimate FIBC super sack to fit your needs, requirements, and expectations.

Super Sack Required Qualities

Here are a few things to pay attention to when investing in such a bulk storage:

  • Durable materials that won’t wear and tear after a few usages
  • Prioritize UV-resistant polypropylene fabric for super sacks
  • Choose from various models, materials, and sizes
  • Find a supplier who offers exactly what you need
  • Customize your orders to match your specific needs
  • Always look for reputable suppliers to ensure you get the best quality products

How to Find the Right Supplier?

If you check on the company named American Big Bags, you will find out that they meet all the requirements we mentioned above. So, buying a top-quality FIBC from them can be a practical decision.

Knowing that their sacks are made of quality materials for superior availability, as well as that they come in various sizes and shapes, you can make sure the product meets all your custom needs.

Tips For Buying Super Sacks

Once you’ve found the best supplier, you still need to consider some additional things. While you can’t really go wrong, make sure you:

Know the Size and Capacity You Need

Super sacks come in various sizes and shapes, but you’ll need to determine the exact size of the sack that works best for you. From the volume to the weight capacity, you have to know what you really need.

Choose the Right Material

While polypropylene is the most common choice, there are other materials like coated paper or some kind of fabric that ensure durability. Choose the material you find most practical and easy to maintain.

Consider the Safety Features

Some super sacks come with safety features, from living loops and handles to easy discharge spouts. That way, you ensure you’re safe while handling the super sack.

Inspect the Super Sack Before You Use It

Sometimes, sellers may send a broken sack – not on purpose. While it’s important to avoid these situations by choosing the best supplier for you, incidents may still happen. Make sure there aren’t damages, tears, rips, or loose stitches before using. Don’t use the FIBC if damaged.


It seemed like buying a super sack wasn’t a difficult task. As you can see, there are indeed a few things to pay attention to. By following our tips and advice, as well as choosing the right supplier, you can be sure the super sacks you bought meet all the quality standards.


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