Kris Krohn is a person who has made a lot of money by investing in real estate, writing books, and giving motivational speeches. He’s also involved in other businesses like technology and education. In 2024, it’s estimated that he’s worth between $60 to $80 million. Most of his money comes from buying and selling about 400 properties all over the United States. Besides being rich, he’s also written books that many people have bought, and he gives speeches to motivate others. He owns companies that teach people about real estate and help them invest. Even though Kris Krohn net worth is large enough, he cares about helping others. He gives a lot of money to charities and does things to make the world a better place. Kris Krohn’s life story is inspiring because he started with very little money but worked hard to become successful, and now he helps others do the same.

Kris Kohn Biography

Kris Krohn was born in Utah in 1979 and grew up in Idaho. He later moved to Washington for high school. Starting at 23, he got into real estate, faced some tough times, but ended up doing really well. Now, he teaches others about real estate. He’s married to Kalenn and has four kids.


Kris Krohn is a talented person who does many different things. He’s great at being an entrepreneur, which means he starts and runs businesses.


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Kris Krohn has done many important things:

  1. He owns lots of properties all over the United States.
  2. He wrote many popular books about real estate and how to improve yourself.
  3. He’s a popular speaker and gets invited to talk at different events.
  4. He runs a company that teaches people about real estate investing.
  5. He also owns a company that invests money in different areas like real estate, technology, and healthcare.

These are the factors that contributed to Kris Krohn net worth.

Kris Krohn Net Worth Over The Years

Kris Krohn Net Worth
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Over time, Kris Krohn net worth has changed a lot. In 2024, people think he has around $80 million. Most of his money comes from buying and selling buildings, his businesses, and the ads on his YouTube videos. Kris Krohn went from having about $5 million in 2023 to $65 million in 2024 as per other sources. He’s a real estate investor, writer, speaker, and teacher. He’s helped lots of people become rich and financially free with his smart ideas.

BRRRR Method

Kris Krohn is really good at the BRRRR method, which stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. It’s a smart way to make money with real estate. Here’s how it works: First, you buy a rundown property. Then, you fix it up to make it nice. Next, you find someone to rent it. After that, you get a new loan to get back the money you spent. Finally, you do it all over again with another property. This way, Kris Krohn net worth increased without having to work too hard.

Educational Programs

Kris Krohn has classes and tools to help people make money with real estate. He teaches simple steps for getting started and making a lot of money. His courses talk about things like how to buy property and make it profitable. Many of his students have made a bunch of money quickly. You can find Kris Krohn’s lessons on his website. He also offers one-on-one help and advice from experts in real estate. Beginner get insights on how Krish Krohn net worth was increased over the years with smart work.

Coaching Services

Speaking of Kris Krohn net worth, he also helps people make money by investing in real estate. He offers personalized coaching and mentorship to guide individuals through the process. This includes advice tailored to their specific situation and help with any problems they encounter. Kris Krohn has a lot of experience in real estate investing, and people can learn from his successful strategies.

However, getting this help can be expensive. Some people pay hundreds of dollars each month for ongoing support. The price of Kris Krohn’s programs varies a lot, from $197 to $25,000, depending on how much you want to be involved.

YouTube Channel

Kris Krohn’s YouTube channel, called Limitless TV, is a place where he shares what he knows about real estate investing, personal growth, and starting your own business. Lots of people like it, almost a million subscribers! On his channel, you can watch videos about different real estate topics, like how to use the BRRRR method, how to check out properties, and how to plan your investments. Kris Krohn also talks to other successful business owners and real estate investors, gives pep talks, and answers questions from viewers. Many folks say they’ve made a lot of money in real estate after following Kris Krohn’s advice. His YouTube channel helps him make money too, through ads. YouTube is also a major factor in Kris Krohn net worth growth.

Controversies and Criticisms

Besides Kris Krohn net worth talks, some people are worried about how Kris Krohn runs his business and whether his real estate investment plans actually work. A website called even said his real estate operations might not be honest and accused him of doing things illegally. They also said his advice on investing costs too much and might not actually help people make money. The review even said some folks think of him as a “con artist” and doubt if his methods really lead to success.


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