Kevin and Judy have been married for over 30 years and are blissful parents to two beautiful children, Connor and Meghan. While Judy has mostly stayed out of the spotlight and prefers a much more private life, she has been supportive of Piller, her husband, over the years. During the journey, When he was elected to be the House Majority Leader in 2014, Judy told The Bakersfield Californian it was a “humbling” journey and memory of their proud family. Kevin’s rise to such a high position in politics was a proud moment for both of them, and Judy’s quiet but unwavering support played a significant role in his success. Together, they have built a strong family foundation that has withstood the test of time, and their children, Connor and Meghan, have grown up witnessing their parents’ love and dedication to each other.
She expressed that they didn’t take it lightly, as within a few moments, your responsibility is much greater, and it is very humbling. She also added that someone had the responsibility of office before Kevin and someone will after him, but the major thing is you don’t look at this responsibility as a glamour thing. She also gracefully added that they are serving the people who chose them, and for this, you must have a servant’s heart.

Who is Kevin McCarthy wife?

California’s Bakersfield holds the origins of Judy McCarthy, who arrived on December 6, 1964, to proud parents Harvey and Sharon W Kevin McCarthy, wife age, currently 58 years old. Hailing from a nurturing home in the heart of the United States, Judy’s upbringing was embedded in the love and care of her devoted housewife mother and successful businessman father. Judy shares a special bond with her brother, William Wages, along with her two sisters, completing their close-knit family circle. Growing up amidst the vibrant landscapes of Bakersfield, Judy McCarthy’s roots run deep in the rich soil of California, shaping her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Kevin McCarthy and Judy McCarthy at the 2019 Ford's Theatre Gala
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What is Kevin McCarthy wife’s age and biography?

Judy, the youngest of four children, spent most of Kevin McCarthy’s wife’s age in her childhood place, Frazier Park, California. In 2014, her parents still resided in their family home in Frazier Park. Judy shared with The Bakersfield Californian, reflecting on her upbringing, “My dad epitomizes hard work; he dedicated years to National Cement. While wealth wasn’t abundant in our household, the strong bond within our family was invaluable. My mother instilled a firm foundation of faith, guiding me through life’s ups and downs.” Kevin McCarthy’s wife, age in early childhood in Frazier Park, shaped her values, emphasizing the importance of diligence, family unity, and spiritual beliefs.

The High School Love Story

Judy and Kevin’s love story began in the early days of Kevin McCarthy’s wife’s age, in their early high school days at Bakersfield High School. Kevin’s persistent wooing eventually won young Kevin McCarthy’s wife’s age, despite her initial interest in one of his friends. Their bond only grew stronger through the years of Kevin’s age and Kevin McCarthy’s Kevin’s wife’s age and their bond led to a lifetime of shared memories and experiences. Even after moving to Washington, D.C., for Kevin’s career in the federal government, their connection to Bakersfield remained unwavering as they held onto their family home in the city. The legacy of their love story lived on through the generations, with their children also walking the halls of Bakersfield High School, where it all began for Judy and Kevin.

The marriage

Three years after earning his degree from California State University, Bakersfield, Kevin exchanged vows with Judy when Kevin’s age and Kevin McCarthy wife’s age was pretty young on August 29, 1992. Fast forward to his 23rd wedding anniversary, Kevin took to Facebook to express his love and appreciation for his beloved wife. Capturing their enduring bond, he wrote, “I’ve fallen in love many times… Always with you.” This heartfelt tribute was a testament to the depth of his feelings for Judy, marking another milestone in their shared journey. Kevin’s message resonated with friends and family alike, celebrating their enduring love and partnership and encapsulating the beauty of their relationship over the years. Happy Anniversary to the fantastic couple, Kevin and Judy!

Their beautiful family

Soon after tying the knot, the couple joyfully welcomed their first child, son Connor McCarthy, in 1994. Two years on, Judy gave birth to their second child, a lovely daughter named Meghan. During his time as a student at Georgetown University, Connor had the unique opportunity to attend prestigious events at the White House, courtesy of Kevin. One standout moment was the Japan state dinner in 2015, where Connor’s dedication to his studies was recognized and rewarded with an unforgettable experience. This special bond between father and son created cherished memories that would last a lifetime.

A religious soul

Judy shared with The Bakersfield Californian that her most cherished book is the Bible, emphasizing her profound connection to Christianity. She described her calling as an “outreach” instilled in her by God, defining it as her primary ministry. Judy clarified that she is more than just a politician’s wife – she is an independent individual and a devout Christian. This revelation sheds light on the depth of her faith and its pivotal role in shaping her identity and purpose.


California’s Bakersfield holds the honour of being the birthplace and childhood home of Judy McCarthy. On a significant day, Kevin McCarthy wife age could be understood, remembering that her date of birth was December 6, 1964; Judy came into this world to loving parents Harvey and Sharon Wages. Her roots lie deep in the United States, with her mother being a dedicated housewife and her father a successful businessman. Among her siblings, Judy shares her life journey with two sisters while having a brother named William Wages by her side. Judy’s upbringing in the vibrant city of Bakersfield shaped her into the person she is today, carrying the values instilled in her by her family as she navigates through life’s adventures.


Q. When was Kevin McCarthy wife born?
Ans. Kevin McCarthy wife was born on December 6, 1964, and is currently 58 years old.
Q. How old is Kevin McCarthy wife’s age?
Ans. Kevin McCarthy wife’s age, according to December 6, 1964, is 58 years old.
Q. Is MC Carthy married?
Ans. Yes, MC is married to Kevin McCarthy.
Q. What are Kevin and Kevin McCarthy wife’s ages?
Ans. Kevin’s age is 59, and Kevin McCarthy wife is 58.


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