The adorable couple in town Taylor swift and her boyfriend kelce are known going viral for their adorable romance , but do you know who is kelce ex girlfriend ? Well it is justified to be curious about our favorite couple and if you are one of those you are in the right place. In this article we are going to explore everything about kelce ex girlfriend.

In 2017, the on-air reporter and the Kansas City Chiefs’ record-breaking tight end started dating, setting off a turbulent five-year period of intermittent romance. As rumors of their breakup swirled, conjecture mounted that money worries were a factor in their decision to call it quits. But in January 2023, the Ohio native took the chance to address the rumours head-on and definitively put the record straight in an open interview with The Pivot Podcast. By disclosing the real reasons behind their split, the interview clarified the intricacies of their relationship and closed a chapter that had long piqued the public’s curiosity.

Kelce ex girlfriend Nicole, a talented individual with a journalism background, has taken a step towards “moving forward” in her life. She recently unfollowed her friends Brittany and Patrick Mahomes on Instagram, signifying a new chapter. Meanwhile, Kelce has found love with music sensation Taylor Swift, sparking media attention. As Kelce ex girlfriend Nicole transitions into the fashion industry, her unique blend of journalism skills and creativity promises a successful career ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on Nicole’s journey from journalism to fashion!

Kelce Ex Girlfriend Education

Kelce ex girlfriend Nicole’s love for sports was deeply rooted long before she crossed paths with Kelce. Her dedication led her to pursue a career in the sports field, taking her to Pepperdine University where she graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. In 2018, she took to Instagram to share a “friendly reminder” with her followers about her academic achievement. This post not only highlighted her educational background but also emphasized her passion for sports journalism, a journey she embarked on long before it became a part of her public persona. Nicole’s commitment to her craft was evident in her pursuit of knowledge and skill, setting the stage for a career that would flourish in the sports industry.

Kelce Ex Girlfriend Nicole’s Profession

Kelce Ex Girlfriend Nicole's Profession
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Upon graduating from Pepperdine, Nicole swiftly secured hosting roles at prestigious sports media outlets like ESPN and Barstool Sports, among others. Her dynamic presence and insightful commentary have solidified her reputation as a go-to journalist for NBA courtside reports and NFL coverage from the sidelines. Beyond sports, Kelce ex girlfriend Nicole has successfully delved into the realm of entertainment news, showcasing her versatility and expertise in various domains. Her multifaceted career trajectory continues to inspire aspiring broadcasters and captivate audiences across different spheres of media.

During her time at Global Grind, Kelce ex girlfriend Nicole she had the incredible opportunity to interview Hollywood icons Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler during their 2017 press tour for “The House.” Their witty banter and infectious chemistry left a lasting impression on her.

In 2019, she sat down with the talented Sterling K. Brown during his press tour for “Angry Birds 2.” His insightful comments and warm demeanor during the interview showcased his genuine passion for his craft and the project. These experiences helped her gain valuable insights into the world of entertainment journalism and solidified her appreciation for the art of interviewing.

How Did They Meet

How Did They Meet Travis Kelce And Kayla Nicole
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Although Nicole, Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, it has stated that they initially linked on Instagram, it is still unknown when Kelce and Nicole first met. She disclosed in an Instagram Story that TMZ later removed. This intriguing revelation sheds light on the modern ways in which people form relationships and connections in today’s digital age. It also raises questions about the role of social media in developing personal relationships and how it has become a common platform for meeting new people and fostering romantic interests. The story of kelce ex girlfriend Nicole and Kelce serves as a reminder of the unconventional yet increasingly prevalent ways in which individuals navigate the landscape of modern dating and social interactions.

After exchanging a few direct messages on Instagram, Kelce and Nicole started dating in 2017. Over the ensuing years, kelce ex girlfriend Nicole and him broke up and then reconciled multiple times.

August 2020 was the first time the couple split up. Fans had been speculating about Kelce and Nicole’s breakup since kelce ex girlfriend Nicole had removed images of the football player from her Instagram account a week before. Kelce then confirmed the news.

November of that year saw the couple reunited after a few months apart. By referring to Nicole as his girlfriend in an Instagram Live with WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike, Kelce announced their reconciliation.


Kelce ex girlfriend sports journalist Kayla Nicole began their relationship in 2017, navigating through the ups and downs of an on-again/off-again dynamic until they decided to part ways for good in 2022. During one of their temporary separations in 2020, Travis also faced infidelity rumors that stirred up controversy surrounding their relationship. Despite the challenges they encountered, Travis and Kayla’s journey together was marked by love, growth, and ultimately, the difficult decision to go their separate ways. Their story serves as a reminder of the complexities that come with relationships in the public eye and the importance of handling adversity with grace and respect.


Who is Travis Kelce ex girlfriend?

Get to know Kayla Nicole, kelce ex girlfriend of NFL star Travis Kelce. Kelce ex girlfriend Kayla is an on-air reporter and Travis is a record-breaking tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. They began dating in 2017 and had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted for five years. Kayla’s career in sports journalism has given her a unique perspective on Travis’s success on the field. Their high-profile relationship captured media attention and fans’ interest throughout their time together. Despite the ups and downs, Kayla and Travis shared a deep connection and mutual support for each other’s career endeavors.

How many children does Travis Kelce have?

There are no children of Travis Kelce’s own. He is the uncle of the three daughters of his older brother Jason. Travis frequently talks well of his family and appreciates their support. He has stated that he hopes to one day start a family.

Where did Taylor Swift meet Travis Kelce?

The NFL star attended Swift’s Eras Tour in July 2023 at Arrowhead Stadium, the Kansas City Chiefs’ home field, sparking the romance between the two.


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