Social media is the home of rumors and conspiracy theories. Even though it has helped the world in various forms, it still has its own cons, such as fake information, rumors, and assuming everything based on our own thoughts. The famous singer Justin Bieber divorce has recently been the center of attention when a sudden rumor about his divorce surfaced on the internet.

We have tried to gather every piece of information we could find on this topic of Justin Bieber’s divorce for all of his fans who are curious about the young singer’s life. For anyone who is searching for the singer’s new rumor, this article is for you.

Who is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who is famous for his pop and genre-melding music. Discovered at a young age, Justin Bieber soon became a teen idol sensation with his debut track, “My World.”

Some of his finest hits include “Baby,” “Sorry,” and “Despacito.”

The personal life of Justin Bieber

Born on March 1, 1994 Justin had a tough life from his childhood as his parents were not married and he grew up under his single mother, who worked on low-paying jobs to raise him with the help of her mother and stepfather.

Justin with his childhood friends
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Justin Bieber has been involved romantically with many actresses and singers throughout his journey. He dated his childhood friend Caitlin Beadles for a year and a half, then had a complicated on-and-off relationship with the famous singer Selena Gomez for over 7 years. After which, there have been rumors about him being romantically linked to many celebrities, such as Barbara Palvin, Yovanna Ventura, Chantel Jeffries, Sofia Richie, Jayde Pierce, Jacque Rae, and Kendall Jenner, for years before finally settling down with his childhood friend and longtime girlfriend Hailey Bieber in 2018

The journey from single to married

Justin and Hailey had a love story like we all dreamed of: from strangers to friends to lovers for a lifetime. They had a long journey of supporting each other through ups and downs.


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The two lovers meet during their teenage years, which most credits can surely belong to Hailey’s father’s, as the two teenagers meet for the first time during the backstage of “The Today’s Show,” where they only had short handshakes. 2 years later, the teenage again was Cupided by Hailey’s father during the premiere of Justin’s “Never Say Never.” This was the same year Justin confirmed his relationship with the famous singer Selena Gomez, which put a hold on Justin Hailey’s dreams. But the friendships between the two celebrities again won’t win the fans’ hearts when Hailey declares herself a ‘Jelena’ fan club.

After the breakup with Selena Gomez, Justin was shortly photographed with Hailey and Kendal Jenner. This was a huge lead for Hailey’s and Justin’s fans to dream again.

But again, in December 2014, Hailey broke all the hopes of the fans while dismissing all the rumors about their togetherness.

In February 2016, the couple revealed their relationship as a casual one and stated they were not at all exclusive. But soon after this, the couple split up, and both famous celebrities parted ways. During this time, Justin restarted his relationship with Gomez, but it ended for good after a while.

After this, the couple again started contacting each other, and soon we’re found attending evens and doing PDA, which led the fans to think of engagement rumors, which in turn were confirmed by Justin with sweet pictures of him and his fiancé. Finally, in 2018, the couple finally confirmed their material status as Mr. and Mrs. Bieber.

Justin Bieber divorce rumors

Justin Bieber divorce ‘Visa’ theory

In recent times, a new rumor has taken place stating that Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber will get divorced on September 20, 2023, which marks their fifth marriage anniversary. This started with a tiktocker from @pattypopculture, who buzzed rumors about the couple getting divorced in September 2023 with some realistic reasons to ponder over.

The user further pointed out the reason that this was a conspiracy theory of gaining a 5-year green signal for a permanent residency in the USA, for which Justin used hailey as “Visa” for his permanent residency in the USA, which was restricted to the singer before because of his criminal charges, and as his working visa ended in 2018, this could lead the singer to lose all his projects in the USA.

But we have to remember that there was no official announcement from any of the said figures, and this was all based on theories created by the public.

Justin Bieber divorces the ‘Selena Gomez’ theory.

If the visa theory wasn’t enough, like a cherry on top of Selena Gomez’s new track “Single,” netizens took the video as a signal that the video is specifically for a person. Guess who? Yes, Justin Bieber. Many netizens found some similarities between the video and Selena Justin relations. But Gomez seemed to care less about the said couple, but that didn’t stop fans from trying to find many references and connect dots about their theory.

These theories have led couple fans to be anxious about their favorite couples’ upcoming news. But people also have to keep in mind that they should respect their privacy and private decisions.

Netizens Reaction to Justin Bieber Divorce Theory

The netizens had mixed reactions and responses to the theories about the couple’s divorce rumors. The famous couple’s fans were left shocked by the sudden rumor, while some other fans strongly defended the couple from the conspiracy theory, while others were just left with curiosity about the couple’s next news, and some even expressed their own theories about what would be the next announcement of the couple.

All the netizens had a mixed response to the Justin Bieber divorce theory, giving a clear view of the popularity of the couple’s fan following.


Even with all these rumors, the couple is going as strongly as ever without any announcements or hints about their divorce. Even with the unsettling situation of Justin’s recent health issues, Hailey has always stood with Justin and supported him in his critical time. The couple was even spotted on a romantic stroll for breakfast on October 9, 2023.

For this, we have to remember not to believe any rumors or interfere in the couple’s privacy, and we should definitely let them enjoy their happy married life to the fullest, filled with all the bitter sweetness of material bliss.



1. Are Justin and Selena still married?

Ans: The famous couple broke off their long-off and on relationship and have long since moved on from each other. Bieber married his childhood friend and girlfriend Hailey Bieber, and Selena remained single and started to build a more successful career.

2. Was Justin Bieber celibate before marriage?

Ans: In the photography shoot for Vogue’s March issue, Justin revealed that he was celibate for 1 year before his marriage, so yes, he was celibate before his marriage. The couple are the cover stars of Vogue’s March issue.

3. Did Justin Bieber wait for marriage?

Ans: Yes, Justin Bieber revealed in an interview that he and Hailey decided to continue refraining from sex before their marriage. He also revealed that he wishes he had followed this thought before.

4. Is Justin Bieber divorce rumor true?

Ans: As of October 2023 Justin Bieber is happily married with his wife and the couple hadn’t made any official announcement.


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