John Pork lives under the motto, “Basically the coolest pig in the world”. He is a regular guy who enjoys shopping for shoes, going out with friends, and listening to music; he just so happens to be a pig. Based in London, John travels throughout Europe and enjoys sharing his experiences with his followers through his travelogue-style Instagram postings. This engagement highlights his laid-back “pig but also a dude” personality. He stays in regular contact with his fans and is frequently the first to boost any fan art. 

John Pork first debuted on Instagram in 2018. He presents himself as a man with a pig’s head and a human body and calls himself a fashion model. Even though John Pork has been around for a while, he just experienced a surge in TikTok popularity.

Regardless of his real identity, He has become well-known online for his eccentric persona. There is no disputing that he has gone viral, irrespective of whether he is a result of AI art generation, a figure from another world, or simply the work of an anonymous artist.

Is John Pork a real person? John Pork’s real-face photos

After posting photographs and videos on Instagram in 2018, the social media star became well-known for his strange appearance. Most of the images on his page were of him in artificial intelligence-generated videos and in front of famous landmarks worldwide. 

A well-liked Reddit rumor from 2018 claimed Pork was the US YouTuber Technoblade. The theories, however, were never shown to be accurate. The “pig man” has attracted new interest after footage of him started appearing on TikTok. The current trending videos have TikTok users getting a call from John Pork.

John Pork family

The names of his parents are unknown. There is not much information about his family or his parents. But recently, John Pork posted a picture with his sister, Lola Pork, on his official Instagram account on August 15, 2023, with the caption “Double Trouble”.

John Pork and his sister Lola Pork
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His sister is named Lola Pork and has an official Instagram account. She started posting her pictures on August 11, 2023, and people can see the family resemblance in both siblings!

John Pork on Instagram

John started posting pictures of himself on his official Instagram handle in 2018. People took notice of this peculiar figure, posting pictures at different locations. The pictures make him seem like a tourist visiting new places and clicking selfies of himself in front of historical figures. 


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A post shared by John Pork (@john.pork)

John Pork posts pictures of himself travelling or hanging out in new places on his Instagram account. He shares his day-to-day life or photographs of him in some fashionista outfits, letting his fans and followers see him in varied costumes. 

He is a DJ and has shared pictures and videos of himself in his studio, creating music. He has also created a new account under the name @johnpork.memorybook, where he shares Polaroids of his visits to new places.


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A post shared by John Pork (@john.pork)

It’s a special tribute to the fam who have been by my side since the beginning and to the fresh newcomers excited to join the crazy ride that has brought us here.

With mad love for the epic moments that have gone down since 2018, I’ve carefully gathered up archived pics and secret treasures to create the JOHN PORK MEMORY BOOK, bringing some serious nostalgia vibes.

Head over to @johnpork.memorybook, where I’ll share new pictures and unforgettable memories that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Thanks a million for always having my back,” said the caption on his Instagram post.

He has more than 331,000 followers on his Instagram account.

What is the “John Pork is calling” meme?

John Pork, a virtual influencer who rose to prominence in 2018, found renewed fame when a calling meme he developed went viral on TikTok. A viral meme named “John Pork is calling” depicts virtual pig influencer John contacting social media followers. 

Although John Pork never speaks, it appears he doesn’t need to, as the man with a pig head has people swooning throughout TikTok and Instagram. 

The trend began when people modified the pig’s face on an iPhone to make it appear like he was calling them. The virtual pig’s fame has swept the internet, and social media users are constantly checking their phones for a call from the pig.

The meme format depicts TikTok’s John Pork and people receiving calls from him. The core humour in these videos is simply that John Pork is calling, accompanied by a pig-related joke or a goofy dance.

Did John Pork die? John Pork’s death explained.

On March 27, 2023, social media reported that John Pork (a virtual influencer) was discovered dead in an Atlanta river. Fans and followers expressed shock and anguish at the news, which instantly went viral. Many people began to wonder if the allegations were genuine, and if they were, how did John Pork die? 

Multiple online sources confirm that John died at the hands of his management team. The circumstances of his death are still unknown. According to reports, he drowned in a river. Others believe foul play was involved. There has yet to be an official notification of the cause of his death.

Many people were shocked and perplexed by John Pork’s death. Many people are still unsure whether the virtual influencer is real. Pork was a fictitious character made using computer-generated imagery (CGI). Despite this, he had a sizable social media following. His unique and endearing demeanour drew a lot of attention. 

The death of John has sparked a debate on the impact of virtual influencers on emotions and perceptions of reality. Some people consider Pork’s death tragic, while others believe it is difficult to weep for someone who was never truly alive.

Where is John Pork now? Is John alive?

As of now, John is still very active on social media. He continues to show his fashion and his outings in his postings. In his posts, he’s seen hanging out with his friends, visiting new places, and making music! 

On April 26, 2023, he announced his new single, ‘You’re Calling John Pork,’ which was released on Spotify. He shared this news on his Instagram with the caption, “Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for—John Pork is on Spotify!

So hurry to my profile, hit that follow button, and start this party.

And to get you pumped for my upcoming debut single, there is a little song waiting for you.”


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