Memes have become an enormous part of Internet culture and a fundamental component of contemporary communication. They depict events, trends, and feelings, frequently capturing the distinct comedy of online communities. The “DeRock” meme, a lighthearted investigation of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s changing persona, is one particular meme trend that has gained popularity in recent years.

The Origins of “DeRock” Memes

The memes that took over the internet were no official campaign or initiative by Dwayne Johnson. Internet users have always been creative in their way. Memes have been a huge part of the internet since the beginning. The origin of these memes was very natural. Dwayne Johnson was already quite famous for his wrestling career under “The Rock,” his catchphrase “Do You Smell What The Rock is Cooking?” was a fan favorite. 

It all started when Dwayne retired from his wrestling career and started his acting career. The actor impacted Hollywood with his tough and muscular persona associated with his wrestling and action movie roles. But soon, the audience saw a different side of the actor when he started doing lighthearted comedies and adopted more family-friendly, funny, and accessible characters in his films. 

DeRock Memes love yourself

All this led to memes on the internet about the irony between the actor and his movies. There had already been memes about his wrestling career, but now the internet has taken over with the contradicting nature of his physical stature and humorous personality.


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The Internet’s Love for “DeRock” Memes

Memes are a wildly popular way to share humor, satire, and pop culture commentary on social media. The Rock has become a hot topic for memes. The Rock’s larger-than-life demeanor has been immortalized in countless memes, each expressing a distinct aspect of his identity, from his distinctive eyebrow lift to humorous catchphrases. 

The Rock’s appeal in memes reflects his enduring importance in culture. Even though he is no longer a full-time wrestler, he continues to have a significant impact in the entertainment, health, and business sectors. His outsized personality and relentless work ethic have motivated millions worldwide to pursue excellence in their lives.

DeRock Memes


The Ultimate Collection of “DeRock” Memes

“Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” Meme:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s catchphrase, “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” is a well-known one from his professional wrestling days in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). 

Dwayne Johnson frequently used the term as a taunt or lead-in to his entrance into the wrestling ring. To involve the crowd and generate excitement for his performance, he exclaims, “If you smell what The Rock is cooking!” The word is engaging and humorous, calling on the listeners to join him in his enthusiasm. 

The meme is frequently used to portray confidence and swagger, with users placing The Rock’s image in numerous circumstances requiring a confident demeanor. The meme was utilized much more during the COVID-19 pandemic when many lost their sense of smell as a symptom. The internet seized the opportunity to demonstrate how they could have gotten COVID-19 since they couldn’t smell The Rock cooking!

DeRock Memes


The Eyebrow-Raising Meme

The Rock Meme, where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is seen raising an eyebrow, has been utilized in various circumstances since its inception. The meme is frequently used to indicate doubt or cynicism, as though the individual asks, “Really?” or “Are you serious?” It has been used in various circumstances, from casual talks to political commentary.

DeRock Memes

The meme first appeared during Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling days in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Johnson raised his brow frequently in the ring and during interviews. This became the former WWE champion’s hallmark maneuver, which fans quickly imitated. 

The meme took off with the rise of online culture in the early 2000s. Johnson’s wrestling fans began to create and share photos of him with elevated brows, often with hilarious comments or other creative remarks. As Johnson’s career extended to include acting and other endeavors, the meme was still used in new and imaginative ways. It has been deeply embedded in internet culture and is commonly used on various websites and social media networks.

Despite its popularity, the Dwayne Johnson eyebrow-raising meme is a beloved and enduring element of online culture. Because of its versatility and hilarity, it is a favorite among meme lovers worldwide.


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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Another basic but still famous meme about the actor is using his name as a pun. People quite literally started making memes about rocks based on the fact that Dwayne Johnson used “The Rock” as his stage name during his wrestling career. 

Some of the overused memes consist of his images being used next to wrestlers and how he can beat everyone, but not a piece of paper since paper beats the Rock every time. Or another meme showing the evolution of Dwayne Johnson that shows images of pebbles, boulders, and mountains, hilariously aiming at how the wrestler evolved from a pebble, became “The Rock,” and in the next few years will turn into a boulder and then a mountain. 

The internet also took shots at a picture of The Rock hugging a rock and a creative caption about how self-love is important and how Dwayne promotes self-love.

DeRock Memes


The Rock Owns the Fanny Pack Look!


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For a long time, an image of a young Rock clad in faded jeans, a black turtleneck, a silver chain, and a leather fanny pack has circulated on social media and has been replicated numerous times as a Halloween costume.

The meme of this classic outfit is still a fan favorite, and the look has been imitated by many of his fans, demonstrating how much the celebrity is loved.


Dwayne “The _____ ” Johnson

The internet community received Johnson’s title. Why not demonstrate that by photoshopping his face onto random objects ending in “-ock”? 

Dwayne “The Loch” Johnson, Dwayne “The Dock” Johnson, and Dwayne “The Croc” Johnson are some examples. 

Sci-fi lovers are not going to be left behind in any trend. Star Trek fans took the meme to another level when the Trekkies combined a WWE legend like The Rock with a Star Trek legend like Spock. The Spock Rock is a hybrid of Leonard Nimoy’s Spock and Dwayne Johnson’s The Rock. The result turned out to be an internet sensation.

DeRock " The -- " johnson

Embracing the Meme Culture of “DeRock” Memes

Dwayne Johnson’s engagement with it truly set the “DeRock” meme trend apart. Rather than avoiding the amusing juxtapositions, he embraced them and posted many on his social media platforms. His interaction with the meme trend demonstrated his levity, self-awareness, and genuine connection with his fans. His participation boosted the meme’s popularity and cemented his image as a relatable, down-to-earth celebrity. 


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Dwayne Johnson has been seen using many of his memes for his promotions. The actor shares a strong friendship bond with actor and comedian Kevin Hart. Both have publicly shown how deep their bond is, either by Kevin Hart dressing up in the famous “The Rock fanny pack” look or by Dwayne Johnson taking shots at Hart by photoshopping his face on images.


Let’s Look Forward to Other “DeRock” Memes

The “DeRock” memes demonstrate the fluidity of online culture and its ability to generate amusing and relatable stuff. Aside from making people laugh, these memes honor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tremendous flexibility as an actor and his true connection with his fan base. The memes pay respect to his transformation from a wrestling star to a diverse entertainment personality. 

As meme culture evolves, the “DeRock” meme trend continues to be a brilliant example of how the internet can unite fans and celebrities in a common love for comedy, adaptability, and the ever-changing terrain of stardom.



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