Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in Bollywood today. Since making her acting debut in 2006, the leggy beauty has climbed to the A-list ranks of leading ladies with stellar performances in films like Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express, and Padmavat. Her 2018 wedding to actor Ranveer Singh was a lavish, highly publicized affair, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the couple starting a family.

Speculation about Deepika Padukone’s pregnancy has been mounting in recent weeks. While Deepika and Ranveer have not made any official announcement confirming the pregnancy, several recent events and reports have sparked speculation that Deepika may be expecting. So is Deepika going to be a mom soon? Let’s look at the evidence fueling the pregnancy rumors.

Where Did the Pregnancy Rumors Originate?

The speculation around Deepika Padukone Pregnant rumors seems to have started earlier this summer. In June, Deepika was spotted outside a doctor’s office in Mumbai wearing an oversized shirt that some felt hinted at a baby bump. Then in July, reports surfaced that Deepika was taking it easy and declining several film projects, with insiders citing her wanting to start a family as the reason.

Where Did the Deepika Padukone Pregnant Rumors Originate?

Photos Spur Pregnancy Speculation

The photos immediately made their way to gossip sites and social media, with commentary that Deepika was potentially in the early stages of pregnancy.

Actress’ Schedule Change Adds to Rumor Mill

Then in July, reports surfaced that Deepika was taking it easy and declining several film projects, with insiders citing her wanting to start a family as the reason. The significant change to Deepika’s normally packed shooting schedule only intensified the pregnancy rumors.

Deepika Padukone Pregnant
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Deepika and Ranveer Remain Tight-Lipped

Neither Deepika nor Ranveer have directly addressed these rumors or made any statement confirming or denying the pregnancy. But since July, more and more stories have popped up discussing the likelihood that Deepika is in fact expecting her first child. The couple’s silence on the matter has kept the rumor mill churning.

Evidence Suggesting Deepika is Pregnant

Baby Bump Spotted on Airport Outing?

In late August, Deepika was photographed at Mumbai airport wearing loose, comfortable clothes and carrying a pregnancy pillow. While not obvious, some eagle-eyed fans detected a slight baby bump. However, the pillow seemed to be the biggest sign suggesting pregnancy.

Actress Opts for Flowing Outfits

She appeared on a TV awards show wearing a loose caftan dress rather than her usual body-hugging red carpet looks. Deepika has also been spotted around Mumbai in flowing tops and dresses that veil any hint of a growing bump.

Deepika Clears Schedule for 18 Months

Media outlets have reported Deepika has cleared her schedule for the next 18 months – unusual for such a busy actress. This drastic change to her lineup of projects also points to preparations for motherhood.

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Multiple Doctor Visits on the Down Low

Deepika was spotted visiting an OBGYN doctor several times over the last 2 months, though she kept the visits extremely private. The frequent prenatal doctor appointments appear to confirm a pregnancy is underway.

Inner Circle Drops Hints About Pregnancy

Friends close to the actress have hinted that Deepika Padukone Pregnant rumors might be true, but are waiting for the right time to share the news publicly. It seems those in Deepika’s inner circle may already know she is expecting.

Diet and Exercise Changes

Deepika has supposedly changed her diet and exercise routine, further indicating a pregnancy. According to some reports, she has started eating more protein and taking prenatal yoga classes.

Ranveer Hopes to Become a Father Soon

In a recent interview, Ranveer mentioned that he hopes to start a family within the next “couple of years.” His remark that fatherhood is on the horizon aligns with the timeframe of Deepika’s possible pregnancy.

Reasons the Rumors May Be Untrue

Pregnancy Rumors Nothing New for Deepika

However, not everything points to Deepika Padukone being pregnant. Starlets are subject to pregnancy speculation often, even when they are not actually expecting. Deepika has fallen victim to false rumors before.

Deepika Padukone Pregnant
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No Obvious Baby Bump

She was recently photographed flying back from a location shoot for an upcoming film project – unlikely she would take on action sequences in the early months of pregnancy. Also, Deepika has not been spotted with obvious baby bumps in the last few months.

Business as Usual for Deepika

Deepika attended a high profile event in late September dressed in a svelte gown that did not suggest she was pregnant. She has also been maintaining her usual busy schedule with brand endorsements and public appearances.

Official Word Pending from Deepika and Ranveer

Despite intense public interest, Deepika and Ranveer have maintained their right to privacy on the matter. They seem to be waiting for the right moment to share any formal pregnancy announcement.

Reactions from Fans and Media

Pregnancy News Sparks Excitement

Nonetheless, Bollywood media and fans are abuzz about the possibility of Deepika and Ranveer becoming parents. Celebrity baby news tends to generate immense public interest in India, and this potential one involving Bollywood royalty has fans over the moon.

Journalists Digging for scoop

Bollywood journalists have been doggedly following any Deepika Padukone pregnant lead or sighting in attempts to break the official news first. The race is on among media outlets to uncover the definitive proof the public is waiting for.

Deepika Padukone Pregnant: Final Conclusion

While Deepika has yet to confirm a pregnancy, circumstantial signs continue piling up. Fans will have to wait for Deepika and Ranveer to address the rumors directly and make any formal announcement about the impending arrival of their first child. One thing is certain though – when Deepika does become a mother, it will be major news in Bollywood!


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