If you have any questions about Bob Marley children then you are at the right place. Bob Marley, who is known as a reggae legend, had not only children from his wife Rita Marley but also other relationships. The Bob Marley Foundation identifies eleven children fathered by him. Even though Bob’s children come from different origins, they have continued his musical heritage and ensured that reggae lives on for future generations.

Children With Rita Marley

There are a total of 5 Bob Marley children with Rita Marley and 2 of them are adopted.

Bob Marley and his wife, Rita, with their children, left to right, Sharon, Ziggy, Cedella, and baby Stephen, Jamaica, circa 1972.
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Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley, the eldest Bob Marley children, is a woman with many talents. She has her own fashion line called Catch A Fire and she looks after the business empire of the Marley family through Marley Holdings. Cedella also had success in music just like her family before her, singing along to Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers while gathering Grammy Awards together with their brothers and sisters. Cedella is a committed guardian who tends to her father’s heritage by being the chairperson of Bob Marley Foundation. She has deep love not only for music but also for Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz national football team.

Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley, whose original name is David Nesta Marley, became famous together with his brothers and sisters in Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers band. This group that included Sharon and Stephen Marley gained worldwide attention for their fusion of reggae music along with pop and rock elements which touched people from all over the globe. The band’s hit single “Tomorrow People” and album “Conscious Party”, which reached high positions on charts, gave them fame and even Grammy Awards. Even though Ziggy has had a good career by himself after the band split up, his time with Melody Makers is still a very important part of his music path.

Stephen Marley

Another Bob Marley children with Rita, Stephen Marley made his unique mark in the music field. He became known for being a highly respected music producer, collaborating with famous musicians such as Lauryn Hill and Damian Marley who is also his sibling. This production skill led to success in his solo career too. Grammy-winning musician Stephen has been behind albums that received critical praise, such as “Mind Control” and “Revelation Part I: The Root of Life.” Although he sometimes worked together with his brothers in Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Stephen concentrated more on production and finding his own unique style.

Sharon Marley

Sharon Marley, who is the oldest daughter of Rita Marley from an earlier relationship, was adopted by Bob Marley when he married Rita. Walking in the musical path of her parents, Sharon discovered her singing voice. She shared this talent with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers band that she started together with Ziggy and Stephen.

Stephanie Marley

Stephanie Marley, one more daughter of Rita Marley, was also adopted by Bob Marley after he married Rita. Unlike some of her siblings who went into music careers, Stephanie took a different path.

Bob Marley Children from Other Relationships

There are many Bob Marley children from other relationships. Among these are some kids he had from relationships not within his marriage with Rita Marley like:

Robbie Marley (1972): The oldest among Bob Marley children from relationships other than his marriage, Robbie’s background and journey in life are not connected to the music field.

Rohan Marley (1972): He is a Jamaican entrepreneur. He was married to singer Lauryn Hill and they have many children together.

Karen Marley (1973): Like Robbie, Karen’s occupation is not predominantly centered around music.

Julian Marley (1975-): In comparison, Julian has made a name for himself with his own reggae music. He worked together sometimes with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

Ky-Mani Marley (born 1976): Ky-Mani, he has accomplished notable success in reggae and hip-hop music. He is a singer-songwriter with diverse musical skills.

Damian Marley: who was born in 1978: He is the last and youngest among Bob’s recognized children. He has gained lots of recognition as a reggae artist and won several Grammy Awards for his solo music.

The Musical Legacy

Bob Marley’s musical heritage is not merely a tune it runs in the family. The Marley name became connected with reggae music thanks to Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, a band that spread Bob’s message of togetherness and fairness all around the world.

Their catchy songs and awards like Grammys made them firmly establish their spot in music history. Yet, the Marley touch goes further than just Ziggy.

Julian, Damian and Ky-Mani Marley have all built fruitful paths in reggae as solos. Their songs show not only their own skill but also the unmistakable impact of their father’s style.

Beyond Music

Bob Marley children are not only musically excellent. They have spread their wings in different sectors, reflecting the varied abilities of this family. Cedella Marley is a prosperous businesswoman and owns her fashion line; Rohan Marley chose to focus on football as well as entrepreneurship.


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Many children, such as Julian Marley, participate in giving to others and continue their father’s dedication towards social issues.

The Next Generation

Continuing the musical journey of their skilled parents, a few grandchildren from Bob Marley are starting to make an appearance in this field. Newcomers such as Skip Marley (Cedella’s grandson) and YG Marley (Rohan’s grandson) are keeping reggae music fresh for a new era.

Starting from musicians who top the charts to enterprising innovators, Bob Marley children have grown up and become a powerful group. With each one having their own unique abilities and areas of interest, the Marley legacy carries on through them.


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