In a touching scene that has caught the eye of many people, Balkaur Singh, the father of the late Sidhu the Moosewala, along with his spouse Charan Kaur, recently welcomed their baby son to the world. The momentous occasion, shared with the world via an emotional video uploaded to Instagram, has generated world celebration and well-wishes from people around the globe.

A Joyous Celebration of New Life


On the 17th of March 2024, Balkaur Singh took to Instagram to announce their son’s birth. The momentous event has since sparked many people’s interest and admiration. The post, which shows the moment of tenderness when Balkaur Singh and Charan Kaur embrace their child to the baby’s first kiss, captures the essence of the joy and love that parents share.

Witnessing the Tender Moments

While the video plays, viewers get an intimate look into the story through the life of Balkaur Singh and Charan Kaur, who carry their babies in their arms. In the company of dedicated medical professionals and family members, their expressions of immense joy and appreciation are awe-inspiring as they reaffirm the deep bond between a parent and their children.

Expressions of Gratitude and Love


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Amid the precious moments shared by the parents and their infant, Balkaur Singh extends his sincere thanks to the staff at the hospital for their constant assistance and love. This touching gesture highlights the importance of caring health professionals and is a tribute to the spirit of generosity evident during these happy occasions.

A Community United in Celebration

The awe-inspiring outpouring of gratitude and love from the online community highlights the importance of this joyful event. The video has amassed millions of views and a flood of heartfelt messages. Balkaur Singh and Charan Kaur’s happiness has been a source of inspiration for people across the globe.

Messages of Hope and Blessings

From congratulations messages and prayers to assure the baby’s wellbeing and happiness, the comments section of the post is an online tapestry of love and positive energy. Each comment, adorned with heartfelt emoticons and encouraging words, represents the desire of all to celebrate the new beginning and the promise of the future.

A Testament to Love and Resilience

In a world often rife with uncertainty and challenges, the arrival of a child is an indicator of joy and hope. Balkaur Singh and Charan Kaur’s story, characterized by love, strength, and unwavering faith, illustrates the power of family and the endless potential of human hearts to accept life’s greatest blessings.


The birth of Balkaur Singh, as well as Charan Kaur’s son, is a powerful reminder of the most critical moments. From the loving hug of parents who love their children to the overwhelming love from the world’s community, this joy transcends borders. It reaffirms the beauty inherent in human interaction. As we commemorate our baby’s birth, beautiful baby, let us be encouraged to cherish each moment, be awed by this power, and be steadfast in the hope of a better tomorrow.


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